April 3, 2009 in General

Productive time for a law firm is their most critical asset, Hoffman Warnick, LLC decided that they needed a partner who could handle their demands and implement the advanced services their customers had come to expect.

Downtime for Hoffman Warnick, LLC meant having a staff of 40 plus sitting idle which is not a good situation. intelligent technology solutions, inc. was able to implement a redundant solution that minimizes downtime and adds multiple levels of redundancy that allows them the flexibility to work wherever or whenever they want!

Hoffman Warnick, LLC has also partnered with i.t.s. for the development of their web site. Choosing i.t.s. The implementation of a Content Management System provides a quick and easy way for Hoffman Warnick to maintain their site on an as needed basis. i.t.s. also helped Hoffman Warnick further develop the visuals of their site, based on a recent identity redesign done by the firm.

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