October 7, 2014 in Design

We now offer a service plan for web site updates & maintenance! Many web sites these days are built in a CMS (content management system) such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. A CMS is a great way for small businesses or individuals to be able to edit & add to their own site without needing to know how to code. However, failing to apply updates can lead to a number of issues.

Neglecting to install updates to a CMS (or similar platform) will leave a site at risk to malicious scripts being injected and potentially leaving sensitive site data vulnerable to undesired eyes. It can become quite costly to clean out an infected site and in some cases rolling back to a backup file will cause recent changes to be lost. Additionally, falling several versions behind can often lead to more costly work to bring everything up to date when action is finally taken to do so.

A site may not be updated for any number of reasons, but primarily it falls to the Admin user not knowing about updates. The Admin may not log in to the site often to see, or may not be aware an update was released. They are mostly unpredictable by nature, since bug fixes and security patches are often reactionary to issues being discovered.

The idea behind the Quarterly Maintenance Package is to allow us to be proactive with application of updates. We typically budget 1 hour for every 3 months, to take manual backups and run updates to site code. There may not be updates released in the first month, or even first 3 months. But there may be a lot over the next 3. Over the course of a year, it averages out. And most imporantly, it allows us to do the work and keep sites secure without the need to call you & OK the work first.

The package is priced at $340 annually. Additionally, we offer a security scan & monitoring service that may be added, bringing the total to $400 altogether for a year of coverage. Call or email us today to get signed up for a plan!

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